Nobody will tell you when they started to produce cheese in the Carpathians, but everyone knows exactly where the one and only mountain cheese factory is. It is located 1.5 hours drive from the city of Mukachevo (40 minutes from the “Carpathia”). In addition to tasting natural, eco-friendly and delicious cheeses, cheesemakers offer all their visitors to explore the unique experience of making cheese. Each participant of the excursion can learn the history, features, technology of cheese preparation, and most importantly – most to make this wonderful nutritious product.

Nankovo ​​St. Nicholas Monastery is definitely worth your attention primarily because of the Nankovo ​​icon of the Blessed Virgin, is one of the most revered in Transcarpathia. It was discovered in the village of Nankovo, Khust district, in the “Polyanka”, in 1690. According to the local legend, the owner of the field, where the icon appeared, did not want to give away the plot of land for the construction on this site of a monastery or chapel in honor of the Blessed Virgin. The icon was put on a cart, but  the horses stood did not move, as if they were detained by God’s power. The icon has therefore been kept as from that moment on in the valley of the Khustets river.