Open your own hotel business in the famous Ukrainian Trascarpathian  mountain resort “Shayan”!
Purchase and become an owner of elite apartments “Letizia Сountry Сlub” with guaranteed profit-making technology.
By [purchasing an apartment, the owner leases them both in a commercial sense (short-term rent as in a hotel) and in a lease (for many months and years), thus simultaneously proceeding to a commercial and residential property market with a sufficiently competitive product. This “double game”, therefore, makes real estate profitable regardless of fluctuations in the rental market. These are real square meters, for which the buyer obtains the right of ownership and can dispose of them at his discretion: sell, lease, start and run his own hotel business or use for recreation and recreation for personal purposes. Real estate is the main asset of any family. At the same time, it is quite conservative: it is difficult to lose, in contrast, for example, from cash, deposits or investments in securities.
The following two options for making a profit are offered (profitability programs):
The first option is the “Guaranteed Return Program”:
“For example, in our apart-hotel ” Letizia Сountry Сlub “, such a program is settled at the investor’s convenience for 3 years, during which he transfers the management of his apartments to the management company (hereinafter referred to as” the Management Company “) and continues to receive 10% of the annual investment, regardless if, the apartment is rented at the moment or not. Thus, when buying an apartment, for example, an area of ​​102 square meters. m., the investor participating in the program, in the future, whatever happens, gets about $ 1100 monthly. ”
The second option is “The program of income from the actual load apartments”:

– transfer of apartments to the management company and receive from 80 to 90% of the income from the actual renting or temporary residence of the third parties (guests, tourists and holidaymakers).By concluding such contract, the investor receives 90% of the amount of income received from the delivery of the apartment, and 10% is the remuneration of the Management Company. At the same time, the task of generating a rental stream, search and selection of clients (tenants, holidaymakers, tourists or guests), legal support of transactions and a monthly report to the owner is undertaken fully by the apart-hotel. The minimum cost of living in apartment apartments is 2500 UAH. The minimum number of days of loading is 180 days a year. So, the condition of the apartments and getting a stable income ceases to be a problem for the owner, as the Management Company is in charge 24/7 for this.

Program Percentage of per annum return Approximate annual return amount from the  minimum capital investment Apartment


“Guaranteed Return Program”: Guaranteed 10% per annum from feasible investments within 3 (three) years 13 200 US The management of the apartments is carried out by the Management Company.
The program of income from the actual load apartments” 90% of the amount of income received from the actual apartment rent or temporary residence, for more than 3 (three) years. 15 000 US  $ The management of the apartments is carried out by the Management Company and / or the owner (at his convimience).

The uniqueness of the project of the apart-hotel “Letizia Сountry Сlub”

Boutique-apartment is truly an accommodation for commercial or residential use in one of the most famous mountain resorts of Ukraine “Shayan” with ready-made design repair, high-quality imported furniture and all necessary home appliances. This saves time, does not engage in self-repair, and secondly, saving money on repairs, furniture and household appliances, as the developer’s costs are much lower (the difference between wholesale and retail price is on average 50% -100%) than those, who do it themselves at retail.

Potential and prospects of the “Letizia Сountry Сlub” apart-hotel is a new, interesting format for the real estate market of apartments in Ukraine, which is only gaining momentum. As for the mountain resort  “Shayan”, where the apart-hotel “Letizia Сountry Сlub” is located, it belongs to those places of Ukraine where it is definitely worth investing in apartments: there is a mountain and health resort, demand, and money.

The prospects here are very good.

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