One of the most interesting places in the Transcarpathian region is the Ostrich Farm. For guests of the city of Khust, visiting an ostrich farm located on the northern outskirts of the city can be one of the most impressive events.

The first ostrich farm in Khust was opened in Transcarpathia in 2002. Vasily Peretz, a local farmer, decided to take up this unusual for Ukraine initiative. First, six long-legged ostriches from Slovakia appeared on the farm. V. Peretz these animals breeds for sale, but the friendly owner is always happy to  welcome tourists and share interesting facts about ostriches, their life and habits. Not only can you contemplate these funny birds with the heads of chicks, but long and very powerful legs and rapacious beaks.. All guests of the farm will be allowed to feed the birds, who with no less curiosity look at tourists with their big black eyes. And you can even pet the smallest ones. Ostriches eat almost anything, and will be happy as a grass growing around, and bread, apples and other simple products.