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Spring Waterfall Ayurveda Fest

«Letizia Country Club» invites you to the Spring Waterfall Ayurveda Fest

In the Transcarpathian resort “Shayan” in the hotel  complex “Letizia Country Club” in the Ayurvedic center “Letizia Sundary Center”  you have a wonderful and unique opportunity  to relax and start the Spring with the initiation of healing abilities of your body!

Transitional periods in nature are critical for our body, when solar activity increases, temperature and moisture drops. At the same time there is a decrease in metabolism and digestion, contributes to the acidification and “slagging” of the body. It is in these critical periods in, we invite you to the seasonal treatment programs order to prevent the occurrence of imbalances in the body.

All these programs create conditions for a soft, harmonious purification of the body, elimination of imbalance and as a result lead to a natural and long-term health recovery and prevention of seasonal exacerbations of chronic diseases.

We offer you a unique, naturopathic approach, which is based on special ayurvedic procedures, balanced vedic nutrition, yoga therapy.


The program includes :

  • Svedana with herbs
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Speleotherapy;
  • Ayurvedic cosmetology
  • Practicing yoga and pilates;
  • Healing mineral water of Shayan resort and thermal springs with Velyatino


The cost of the package also includes:

  • Accommodation in the category of the choice: “VIP cottage” for six, “boutique room” for four, “two-room suite” for two and “standard” for two for 7 nights;
  • Group transfer from the railway station of Mukachevo to the hotel “Letizia Country Club”, in both directions;
  • Three meals / vegetarian meals;
  • Salt room;
  • Open outdoor cinema;
  • Wine cellar with a summer terrace;
  • Sports playground / football field;
  • Free parking and 24-hour security-check;
  • Free wi-fi at the hotel campus;
  • Children Playground;
  • Three open summer swimming pools;
  • Gym.

In addition, you can visit our SPA, Finnish and infrared sauna, massages (classic, chocolate pleasure hormone, cold mineral wrapping, hot lifting – chocolate) and much more, according to our price

To your attention the package “Spring Waterfall Ayurveda Fest” created specially for you in cooperation with the best specialists in Ayurveda.

Treatment Price, EUR
Classic oil massage – 4 hands (Abyanga) 18,00 1 hour
Relaxing massage (Shirodara) 17,00 45 min
Massage with herbal pouches, 3 massage therapists (Patra Putley)
15,00 1 hour
Massage with rice pouches (Pinda Svedana)
15,00 1 hour
Oil eyes bath (Netra Tarpan) 10,00 30 min
Oil massage with scrub (Udvartan)
18,00 1 hour
Oil enema (Anuvasan Basti)
14,00 45 min
Oil micro enema (Matra Basti)
5,00 20 min
Herbal enema (Niro Basti)
14,00 45 min
Introduction of herbal treatments through the nasal mucosa (Nasya) 5,00 45 min
Small Nasya
5,00 1 hour
Hair Growth Stimulating Massage
14,00 30 min
Tray of herbal oils – chest area (Uro Basti) 14,00 45 min
Tray of herbal oils – neck area (Mane basti)
14,00 45 min
Tray of herbal oils – waist region (Kati Basti)
14,00 45 min
Strengthening complex 1 (Nasya + Nentra tarpan + Udvartan) 30,00 1 hour 30 min
Strengthening complex 2 (Nasya + Nentra tarpan + Abyanga)
30,00 1 hour 40 min
Strengthening Complex 3 (Nasya + Netra Tarpan) 15,00 1 hour
Oil Relaxing Massage (1 hour)
Back + Neck 10,00
Legs 5,00
Abdomen 5,00
Classic outrigger 14,00
Collar zone
Group Yoga Session 1 hour 5,00
Individual Yoga 10,00
Anticellulite massage 17,00
Abdomen anti-cellulite massage
Hips & Legs anti-cellulite massage 10,00
Anti-cellulite massage ( stomach) + honey wrapping mask
Anti-cellulite massage ( stomach, hips and legs) + honey wrapping mask 12,00
Back Honey Massage 8,00
Hips & Legs Honey Massage 10,00
Anti-cellulite massage + honey wrapping mask 20,00
Lymphatic drainage massage
Hips & Legs

Lymphatic drainage massage
Stomach Lymphatic drainage massage
Anti-aging facial massage, collar zone, feet massage
Back & Legs Honey Massage 12,00
Feet Massage 5,00
Head Massage 10,00

Lymphatic drainage massage

The cost of food on the Ayurvedic menu:
Lunch and dinner with one person per day = 12 EUR
Accommodation when buying a package for 8 days / 7 nights:
With accommodation in rooms VIP cottage for 6 guests = 935 EUR *
The two-storey house includes 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a private garage.
* This room rate includes 15% discount
With accommodation in rooms boutique room for 4 guests = 545 EUR *
The individual boutique rooms, accommodating 4 people, consist of 2 bedrooms and a living room. * This room rate includes 15% discount
With accommodation in suites for 2 guests = 220 EUR
Cozy rooms with a large double bed and a sofa bed.
With accommodation in rooms standard for two guests = 170 EUR
Comfortable room with two single beds, TV and furniture

Our Contacts :

«Letizia Country Club»

Ukraine, Transcarpathian region., Shayan village, Finnyova street, 6.

Head office / Sales department

(Address for correspondence):
01001 Ukraine, Kiev
Troyhsviatitelska Str, 11, office 5
+38 (050) 433-00-50, +38 (044) 278-82-10

Hotel manager:

+38 (068) 154-54-54
e-mail: litiziahotel@gmail.com





Ayurvedic massages


Ancient technique of oriental massage involves the use of a large amount of oil with medicinal herbs. Ayurvedic massage uses more than 20 types of different oils, each of which contains from 7 to 30 plant drug components. Due to the deep massage of the muscles and tissues and the use of warm healing oils, Ayurvedic massages activate the metabolism, restore microcirculation and blood circulation to the tissues of the body. They improve the functions of the muscles and joints, increase the elasticity, elasticity and velvety of the skin. The components of oils are strong sorbents and have a marked detoxification effect on the body. Essential oils through the peripheral nerve endings and the biologically active points of the skin reflexively affect the nervous system, reduce the level of excitation and harmonize the mental and emotional state of the person. Traditionally Ayurvedic massage is a pleasant relaxing procedure performed with a muffled candlelight, in a warm and comfortable athmosphere under the silent music. Preferably avoid eating at least 1-2 hours before the procedure.


Sundari-Centre_02This is the most famous form of Ayurvedic massage. it is used with warm herbs, which are individually selected depending on the constitution. Abhyanga is performed synchronously by two massage therapists from top to toe. Designed to maintain good physical shape and emotional well-being, it improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin and joints with beneficial substances, tones the muscles, increases mental activity and endurance, soothes the nervous system and improves sleep. Abhyanga is beneficial, for the rejuvenation and improvement of skin nutrition, additional use of Trifolia is possible.



A peculiar scrub-massage, spent for centuries in the Indian temples of beauty. Udvartana – animates the skin and makes it smooth, soft, elastic and velvety. At the same time, deep cleansing of the skin and the removal of keratinous cells of the dead skin layers.

During the massage, the muscles are toned and the fat layer is reduced, cellular metabolism and blood circulation system are intensively stimulated, toxins are released from the body.

Udvartana will bring freshness, refinement to your skin, as well as calm and harmony to your mind and soul.



Padadhara – means “healing effect of oil on the feet”. This is a very pleasant and relaxing treatment.

It begins with Ayurvedic Feet Massage. Then a stream of warm oil with a thin stream for 20 minutes pours on the feet.

Padadhara relaxes and simultaneously animates tired and painful legs, relieves stress and fatigue, eliminates muscle blocks and stagnates blood, accelerates metabolic processes and microcirculation, has a reflexogenic effect on the biologically active areas of the feet.

Netra Tarpana


A special procedure for the eyes using a special bowl with refined melted butter.

It relieves wrinkles around the eyes, eliminates dryness, cuts, reddening of the eyes. In this case, the eclipse tissue cleanses, the nutrition and microcirculation of the vascular system of the eye are improved.

Netra Tarpana improves sight and eliminates the fatigue of the eyes. It’s perfect for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer.



Ayurvedic procedure using warm oil to cleanse the nasal cavity. Nasia helps cleanse the nose, paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx.

It enhances nutrition and microcirculation of tissues in the area of ​​the head, neck, shoulders. This procedure is very effective for migraines, rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, frequent diseases of the upper respiratory tract, sleep disturbances, and increased nervous excitability.

It eliminates swaddling and dark circles under the eyes. It is an indispensable procedure for people suffering from allergic diseases and bronchial asthma.



An extraordinarily pleasant body massage, with the application of warm, fragrant honey, which mixes with Ayurvedic oil.

The massage heats and improves well-being, relaxes tense muscles. During the procedure, butter contributes to the removal of toxins from the body. The honey used in the procedure nourishes and moisturizes the skin, makes it soft and smooth.

Abhisec massage stimulates the cardiovascular system, improves skin regeneration, has anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite and relaxing effects.



Shihodhara – translated from Sanskrit “shiro” – head, “dhara” – flow – an ancient Ayurvedic ritual, which consists of the long exposure of a constant, even flow of warm oil to the patient’s forehead from a special vessel suspended 20 cm above the head.

Shirodhara harmonizes the peripheral and central nervous system, relieves stress, anxiety and anxiety. Strengthens sleep and eliminates insomnia and migraines. Improves memory and intuition.

Shirodhara helps relax mimic muscles, smoothes the skin and eliminates wrinkles. Used special medical oils fully nourish the skin and strengthen the hair.

Svedana with herbs


Svedana is a gentle effect on the body, enriched with traditional herbs steam. The differences of temperatures between the head and the rest of the body creates a feeling of peace and distress.

Herbal steam, enveloping the whole body, penetrates deeply into the skin, expands the capillaries, improves blood circulation and activates metabolic processes in fatty deposits.

The main effect of the steam bath is the removal of toxins and toxins from the body in a natural way, through the open pores of the skin.
Mixtures of herbs used for heating in the herbal sauna, contribute to weight reduction, rejuvenation and softening of the skin, harmonization of the physical and emotional state of a patient.

The steam bath procedure is a necessary final step for most ayurvedic treatments.