Finnish Sauna.

The healing power of the Finnish sauna in our country has been known for several decades. The main difference between this sauna and the Russian bath is a small amount of steam and moisture. High air temperature (up to 110 degrees) with a minimum level of humidity improves well-being and awakens the natural defenses of the body. Dry heat stimulates the natural recovery of body cells, helps to strengthen the immune systen, strengthens blood circulation.

Infrared Sauna

After experiencing the healing properties of the Finnish bath, look into the high-tech, infrared sauna. Unlike hot traditional baths, the temperature in the infrared sauna does not rise above 38-45 degrees. Infrared radiators installed in a wooden spacious cabin warm the body from the inside. Forcing it to sweat intensively, thereby removing from the body all sorts of toxins.

At the same time, the effectiveness of the impact and the benefits of visiting an infrared bath is no less than that of any other. Special infrared heaters raise the temperature of the air, provoking the release of phytoncides from the wood of the booth. These biologically active substances suppress the growth of bacteria, viruses and stimulate the strengthening of the immune system.

Price list:

  •   Finnish Sauna: Price 400 UAH (11 EUR) for 1 hour for 2 people.

Minimum order – 2 hours

Cost for additional person – 100 UAH (3 EUR).
Maximum number of visitors – 8 persons.

  • Infrared Sauna: Price 250 UAH (7 EUR) for 30 min for 2 persons.

Cost for additional person – 80 UAH (2.50 EUR).
Maximum number of visitors – 4 persons.

As a compliment from our hotel- Carpathian Mountain Tea with honey

Sauna needs to be pre-ordered minimum 1 hour prior to the effective use.

Prices for children, accompagnied by adults (obligatory)
Younger than 5 years old— for free;
From 5 to 15 years old — 100 UAH(3 EUR) .;
From 16 and above — total price of an additional person