«Letizia Country Club» invites you to the Spring Waterfall Ayurveda Fest:

 In the Transcarpathian resort “Shayan” in the hotel  complex “Letizia Country Club” in the Ayurvedic center “Letizia Sundary Center”  you have a wonderful and unique opportunity  to relax and start the Spring with the initiation of healing abilities of your body!

Transitional periods in nature are critical for our body, when solar activity increases, temperature and moisture drops. At the same time there is a decrease in metabolism and digestion, contributes to the acidification and “slagging” of the body. It is in these critical periods in, we invite you to the seasonal treatment programs order to prevent the occurrence of imbalances in the body.

All these programs create conditions for a soft, harmonious purification of the body, elimination of imbalance and as a result lead to a natural and long-term health recovery and prevention of seasonal exacerbations of chronic diseases.

We offer you a unique, naturopathic approach, which is based on special ayurvedic procedures, balanced vedic nutrition, yoga therapy.


The program includes :


  • Pulse diagnostics (determination of imbalances in the body);
  • Recommendations for optimal diet and balanced diet;
  • Individual selection of therapeutic and preventive ayurvedic treatments;
  • Phytotherapy;
  • Ayurvedic cleansing programs;
  • Svedana with herbs
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Speleotherapy;
  • Ayurvedic cosmetology
  • Practicing yoga and pilates;
  • Healing mineral water of Shayan resort and thermal springs with Velyatino


Ayurvedic treatments::


  • Ayurvedic consultation
  • Abhyang’s oil massage
  • Oil massage with herbal scrub Udvartana
  • Massage with squeezing Wyshesh
  • Patty Putley massage with herbal pouches
  • Pinda Svedana massage with rice pouches
  • Relaxing massage Shirodhara
  • Oily Basti & feet massage
  • Herbal Basti
  • Purifying Basti with abdominal and lumbar massage
  • Oil massage of the feet (Padadhara)
  • Oil massage for the eyes (Netra Tarpan)
  • Oil procedure for the nose and nasopharynx (Nasya)
  • A tray of herbal oils on the chest area (Uro Basti)
  • A tray of herbal oils on the neck area (the mane of basti)
  • A tray of herbal oils on the waist region (Kati Basti)
  • Strengthening Complex 1: Netra Terpan + Nasya + Udwartan
  • Strengthening Complex 2: Netra Terpán + Nasya + Abyanga
  • Reinforcing Complex 3: Netra Terpan + Nasya
  • Full body massage on the dais
  • Ayurvedic facial massage
  • Svedana with herbs


The cost of the package also includes:

  • Accommodation in the category of the choice: “VIP cottage” for six, “boutique room” for four, “two-room suite” for two and “standard” for two for 7 nights;
  • Group transfer from the railway station of Mukachevo to the hotel “Letizia Country Club”, in both directions;
  • Three meals / vegetarian meals;
  • Salt room;
  • Open outdoor cinema;
  • Wine cellar with a summer terrace;
  • Sports playground / football field;
  • Free parking and 24-hour security-check;
  • Free wi-fi at the hotel campus;
  • Children Playground;
  • Three open summer swimming pools;
  • Gym.

In addition, you can visit our SPA, Finnish and infrared sauna, massages (classic, chocolate pleasure hormone, cold mineral wrapping, hot lifting – chocolate) and much more, according to our price

To your attention the package “Spring Waterfall Ayurveda Fest” created specially for you in cooperation with the best specialists in Ayurveda.

The cost of a package of Ayurvedic procedures from one person per day is -800 UAH *
* There is an opportunity to increase the intensity of procedures a day after consulting with our specialists and for an additional fee.
The cost of food on the Ayurvedic menu:
Lunch and dinner with one person per day = 400 UAH
Accommodation when buying a package for 8 days / 7 nights:
With accommodation in rooms VIP cottage for 6 guests = 32 725 UAH *
The two-storey house includes 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a private garage.
* This room rate includes 15% discount
With accommodation in rooms boutique room for 4 guests = 19 040 UAH *
The individual boutique rooms, accommodating 4 people, consist of 2 bedrooms and a living room. * This room rate includes 15% discount
With accommodation in suites for 2 guests = 7700 UAH
Cozy rooms with a large double bed and a sofa bed.
With accommodation in rooms standard for two guests = 5950 UAH
Comfortable room with two single beds, TV and furniture

Our Contacts :

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Hotel manager:

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