From 08.09.2017 to 17.09.2017 we invite you to attend the training “Evolution of Love at ” Letizia country club “.


This is a unique program for couples who want to:

See your partner in a new light,

make them a passion,

refresh or rehabilitate one’s relationship

to breathe new energy into family life

Who needs it?

Those who at the beginning of the journey, thinking whether to make a decision

Those who have already decided to start a family, and already meet with the first difficulties

Those who have already experienced the first crises and very big doubts and fears

Those who have abandoned , and live side by side because it is so comfortable, and do not see the point in changing lives

If you are only 1 year together, it is very important for you to keep romance, passion, but already face the first difficulties

If you have experience of living together more than 3 years, then you already know for sure that life is not all so bright and joyful. Difficulties very often turn down the feelings for your partner

If you are tired or bored alongside your partner, but you do not know how to proceed further, and how to revive what has become a habit

If you have lived together very much, and nothing surprises you already

If you raised your children, you completed all the tasks, ate not one pood of salt, lived more than one decade (20-25 years), and lived more than maybe you wait ahead and if you are still together with your partner just because he has lived with you for so many years and you do not see the point of changing your life partner, but very often you do not want to see him or her

You have an amazing chance !!

Training is conducted by one of the best practicing psychologists of Ukraine Tatyana Stadnyuk-Sazykina and Dmitry Solomatin.

It includes: a 9-day course of lectures, hotel accommodation (room category and price – for choice, below), use of hotel services (breakfasts, swimming pools, gym, salt room, summer cinema, sports ground).

The total cost of training for 9 days for two is, for living in a room category:

“Standard” – 20 000 UAH;

“Junior” – 20 300 UAH;

“Lux” – 22 125 UAH;

“Apartments” – 27 525 UAH.

“Letizia country club” provides you with an excellent opportunity to improve your body and relationships.


Telephone for consultation and booking: +380504334070, 067-567-75-45


Give your love a second chance!